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Expertise at Every Turn

Each session is a masterclass, led by expert coaches whose knowledge is both broad and deep in their respective areas. This means your child is not just learning; they’re being mentored by the best in the field, ensuring that they’re receiving the most current and effective guidance available.

Continuous Growth, Year-Round

Our program is a journey without end, not a destination. Unlike traditional training programs, we operate year-round, allowing for sustained development and constant progression. As swimmers grow and their abilities evolve, so too does the focus of their training. This dynamic approach ensures that improvement is continuous, with each swimmer’s development uniquely their own.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions!

Focusing on motivation and future development…

At the core of every champion swimmer lies a passion for their sport, dedication to mastering their technique, the stamina to push forward and their motivation to achieve. Recognizing this, our program is designed not just as training, but as a transformative journey tailored to the individual aspirations and abilities of each swimmer. We believe in the power of small group sessions, where the focus is on nurturing each swimmer’s unique potential through meticulous attention to technique and mindset.

Training sessions allow our children to individually progress at their own level and abilities which is impossible to do in large group settings. By minimizing the number of children per session we are able to individually identify each swimmers need and work from there.

Every session is focused on one developmental aspect and is taught by experts in that particular field.

Unlike “Summer camps” Our session are ongoing throughout the year which allows you to work on one part at a time and constantly progress. As your ability improves so the focus shifts.

Whether you are looking to become the next Olympian, exploring college bursaries, or just trying to stay fit and healthy there is a program for you.


  • Freestyle Technique and speed
  • Butterfly Technique and Speed
  • Breaststroke technique and speed
  • Backstroke Technique and speed.

Mindset and Focus on:

  • Nutrition
  • Muscle development
  • Relay and team improvement.
  • Motivation and future development


Warm up and warm down sessions Including:

  • Stretching and breathing techniques.
  • Diving and water entry.
  • Underwater and pullouts.
  • Stops and turns.
  • Distance training and race pacing.
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